Welcome to the Workspace for the AV Competency Framework Working Group!

Our Purpose

This group aims to develop a set of competencies for audiovisual archiving education programs, including:
  1. Graduate level programs, specializations, and certificates;
  2. Continuing education offerings for professionals already in the field and archivists who wish to enhance their skill set to include audiovisual materials.
  3. We may also consider potential skills needed by nonprofessionals, such as high school students, undergraduates, media studies researchers, volunteers, and laypeople with interests in this area, people working in cultural heritage environments, etc.


This group has formed because of a mutual interest in fostering educational opportunities in audiovisual archiving for those engaged in the cultural heritage sector. Many of us are currently engaged in pedagogy as instructors, researchers, and practitioners. The idea of developing a competency framework emerged out of discussions by Snowden Becker, Janet Ceja, and Karen Gracy, who conducted a workshop on AV archiving pedagogy at the 2015 meeting of the Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) in College Park, Maryland.

Our Members

The following individuals have indicated interest in working towards our primary goals of creating and implementing a competency framework for AV archiving. We will identify particular responsibilities within the group and record them here as we make progress towards these goals.

Institutional Affiliation
Contact Info (email, phone, Skype name)
WG Interests and Responsibilities
Karen Gracy
School of Library and Information Science
Kent State University
Skype: kgracy
Fearless leader :-)
Particularly interested in conducting research in this area (see action #2 below).
Asen O. Ivanov
iSchool, University of Toronto
Interested in getting involved with stages #2,3,4, and 5.
Ed Benoit
School of Library & Information Science
Louisiana State University
225-578-1469 (office)
eabenoit (Skype)
Interested in actions 2-5
Snowden Becker
UCLA Department of Information Studies
Moving Image Archive Studies MA IDP
(323) 365-9263 (mobile - preferred)
(310) 206-9231 (office)
Skype: snowdenbecker
Interested in actions 2-5, with particular willingness to work on 2 and 3 in the short term (through end of calendar year 2015)
Brian Real
University of Maryland (recent Ph.D. grad)

Janet Ceja
Simmons College
Interested in being a part of actions 3-5
Ciaran Trace
School of Information, UT Austin

Lindsay Mattock
University of Iowa

Adam Schutzman
Simmons College

Proposed Action Plan

To meet our goal of competency framework development, we will embark on the following action plan. Each phase of the plan can be broken into intermediate steps (please see related wiki pages, via the navigation menu to the right).
  1. Prepare, by defining the purpose of the framework and gathering a team that will develop it (including people that do the work—like practitioners!)
  2. Collect information about relevant competencies through a variety of data collection techniques (literature reviews, analysis of employment advertisements, surveys, observations, interviews/focus groups, etc.)
  3. Build the framework by grouping the competency statements, creating and refining subgroups, and identifying and naming the competencies.
  4. Implement the framework—by using it as the starting point for developing and revising courses or programs, and relating course-specific learning objectives to program-wide competencies.
  5. Refine framework as needed through regular feedback from students, employers, faculty, etc.